Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sorry it's been so long...

Hi everyone,

WOW! It's been busy!!!! Since the last blog Scott and I have been moving, unpacking, going to camp, setting up shop, unpacking, ordering furniture, work, Sharathon, unpacking, blah blah blahhhh!

All that to say it's been insane. So sorry we haven't been keeping you all updated through our blog.

Our house is really coming along! We love it so much. I really can't wait for everyone to COME VISIT! :) Now I realize what people mean when they say "there is always something to do when you own a home." We have painted 3 rooms already and I just unpacked the last box! The guest room is ready and has a fresh set of sheets on the bed so come on down... or over!

Scott just hung a fan in our bedroom. The old one was puke brown and was oldddddddd. So we got a black one to match our new bedroom furniture. It is amazing how much of a difference is made.

Ok well time for a quick game of pool with Scotty boy, then we are going grocery shopping. Love you all!

~Britt and Scott

Monday, June 8, 2009

quick update

Hi everyone!

We are in the new houseeee! But now Scott is gone on a youth camp for a week and I am unpacking...

Pics to come soon! Sorry so short, but we don't have internet at the new house yet, so time is limited.

Love you all,

Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is the way we ROLL...

Ok so here's the scoop...

We were SUPPOSED to close on our house Friday, BUT some things came up with our appraiser. GRRRR! But all that to say, we are closing either on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Best part is, we can still move in next weekend!!! YAY!! I will get to spend my quarter of a century Birthday in our NEW HOUSE! That is such a great b-day present. :) (Yes I just reminded everyone my b-day is coming up... haha... June 11th baby!)

Speaking of our house, Scott and I are looking for some new bedroom and living room goodies. We want to put our current bedroom set into our guest room and get new furniture. Originally we wanted black furniture, but we found expresso furniture that we really like. See -

The only problem is our bedding will be in black and white. Do you think it will clash?

Also we are looking at a new rug and chairs for our living room. This is what we are getting -

This will match our tiles on the 1st floor. We are also looking at some chairs that will match the greenish color in there!

We are really excited! Even more excited to have people over to see it and spend time with us!!! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I got a hat!

Scott and I went to our first Astros game tonight! We did it up right too...

Spent wayyyy too much money on food and had nose bleed seats. But it was so fun! They won and I even got a hat out of it...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

house full of wieners

I am writing this to the sound of 12 paws running through the living room. Did Jaco join a gang? No, he is the leader of a Gang!
We are dog sitting for some friends of ours... or hosting "The World's First Wiener Dog Sleep Over."

It has every thing you would expect in a sleep over... The "we miss our mom and dad" whimpering that quickly fades with the sights and sounds of new rooms to check out "sniff sniff sniff" and new toys to play with "tug tug, rip rip". This followed by eating too much junk food "bones and treats." This spells out stink in the form of buckets of vomit! So after Britt yells "OH MY GOODNESS!" over and over again from the kitchen I jump to my feet and run in, to see a dog in full stream..... from the mouth. I am not going to say what dog (all will remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of doggy law.) I will say this, Jaco was sitting on the couch looking at me like "Dude what did you want me to do?"

So after all the hype has slowed down and everyone is settling into their final place for the night, I will take a look at Britt and say... you still want to wait before trying to tackle some kids? The vote is unanimous... and we decide that trying to keep a small wiener dog off the streets and out of little dog gangs is going to serve as enough of a challenge for a while.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grocery Shopping

Scott and I have been working out together and trying to get back in to shape. It has been really great so far. Scott is actually some what being my personal trainer! I am really impressed with how much he has learned in the last few months.

But we decided we needed to eat better too... so we went grocery shopping the other day to get some good grub. Scott had a great idea to go by the grocery store closest to our new house! SMARTTTTT... haha! They say you should check those things out to find out about the area you live in. If only we did that in the current house we live in... ewww!

We went to a Wal-Mart that only has the grocery store part. I think they are called Wal-Mart Neighborhood. Anyways we didn't feel threatened or outnumbered at all! Success!!! No seriously, it was a really nice store and we were really happy with it.

Speaking of the house we made a few steps of progress today. We sat down with our mortgage broker and signed off on some things and also had the new house inspected. The inspector didn't find any major problems. Just a bathtub leak in the master bath, which he said shouldn't be outrageous to fix. SO YAYYYY!

Other than that we have been busy, like usual. We are going to a Jars of Clay concert tomorrow and Scott will be helping with some things at the show. We are really happy right now and can't wait for friends and family to see our new home!

Monday, April 27, 2009


We are getting a house! AHhhhhhh! We are sooooo excited! It is everything we wanted in our first home and more!

We are supposed to close on May 29th and move in shortly after...

Here are some pics: